NEW!!!!! Now Fish out of Water activities and Adaptive Ocean Days

Welcome to Special Fishies Swim School and Fish out of Water

Special Fishies Swim School’s teaching method focuses on safety as well as building a child’s confidence, increasing self-esteem, and creating a lifelong love of the water. Learning through play and tailoring each class to your child’s needs and goals. Fall 2017 we are introducing several new out of the water programs like Gymnastics, Canine Therapy, Ocean Play Day, Parents Night Out, Gardening, Homeschool adaptive athletics!

Programs: Our newest~ Ocean Education and Spring/Summer Camps! contact us for more details

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Special Fishies  works to cultivate a love of water and an open learning environment for special needs children. Water is the one place some children can be free. Special Fishies offers amazing one of a kind programs we designed and now 3x week through City of San Clemente! Also CAMPS , Free Fun on the Run at Courtney’s Sandcastle and many out of the water activities coming by fall 2017!

Fish Out of Water

2018 we will be partnering with a few opther prganizations to bring amazing programs to our Fishies. From indoor skydiving to all inclusive ocean and lagoon days. Monthly we offer a sensory play date and Fall and Winter retreats! Contact Us for more information

As of Jan 2018 we are 100% non profit  bringing scholarships, education, and events to our community. Our hope is to have a Freedom Recreation Center here in San Clemenete and many more places soon! Canine assited lessons, Freedom Swim for service men and women with PTSD and Ricochet the healing dog and Fishie Camps for Autism year round all under our non profit. Adopt a Fishie and watch their progress!


ABOUT Coach Jodi Powell

Coach Jodi brings her past competitive experience, HS coaching experience, her work with children with disabilities in and out of the water and her own personal experience in motherhood to Little Fishies programs and teaching methods. Has a BA in Psychology-emphasis on children and adolescents.

Her most valuable experience thus far is a from raising two rambunctious toddlers here in San Clemente and at the pool…“Becoming a mom has changed the way I do everything in life, especially teaching. A strong bond of trust is the first step to any positive learning experience. In a close second to trust is learning through play. After watching my son teach himself and gain confidence through play this approach has become a must at Little Fishies!“ Coach Jodi


Little Fishies Swim School works to cultivate a love of water and an open learning environment for special needs children. The process of learning to swim and water exercise can be a great addition to therapy they may be receiving on land.