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December 2019

New Year’s Resolution

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Happy holidays! 

It has been quite the year for us. Which is why for the first time in like 20 years I am making resolutions for myself, my family and my Fishie family all of you. I don’t expect to do it perfectly but its 2020. Time to slow down see clear all the amazingness around me. 

My new year’s resolution is to take better care of myself. As mommy, business owner, nonprofit president, and homeschooling there are many hats to wear. I don’t want to drop any and I don’t want to burn out and give less than 100% to all my hats. I realized with the help of some great friends that I need to prioritize, and number one take care of me. Without a healthy happy me, not many hats will continue to exist.

Priorities of Mama Fishie:

  • Self-care: eat right, exercise, and take me time once a week for at least a few hours.  Care for body, mind and spirit.
  • Finding a pool was #2 but we did it!!!
  • The boys and their schooling are my top priority after self-care.

There is no such thing as balance, as when we think we have it another hat gets thrown your way. What this means for all of you is no travel, I will have to start saying no and less events will be attended. 

Opening our doors to adults with all abilities. Papa Ron Legacy brings aquatic freedom and strengthening to those that do not have freedom on land. It makes my heart bank full knowing I can finally reach a population I have wanted to work with since I began Special Fishies.

One location only to start, I am so sorry to those in North San Diego County and Orange County. This breaks my heart more than anyone can know. The traveling we did last summer took a big toll on boys and I. I am hopeful by summer we can do camps up in Oceanside, SD through the city. Until then come once a month!

Keep your Fishie swimming with me or elsewhere, just keep them swimming. If you find a teacher that is ok but not great contact me, I can train them here. I will also offer 1x month class for those that want to continue but can’t do the drive every week (I get it!). Our camps will be offered by the day as well. We will be offering ocean safety days once a month in Spring and twice a month in Summer. 

Education series. This is so close to my heart as its main purpose is to educate parents how to work with their children at a very young age in the tub preparing them for water safety. Those teachers that want to learn how to teach outside the box for all abilities. Offer a Facebook group for coaches and one for families to help one another as well as come to me with questions. Help one another get strong and our loved ones strong and safe. No more drownings and no more restriction on land when there is freedom to be had. 

Please take the time to forward our information on to adults you know who would benefit from our work or children that need to be water safe and strong. 6mos – 80+ years. Also, teachers/coaches and parents that would like to participate in the educational series videos. 

We look forward to bringing Special Fishies to the San Diego community in 2020!!!

Take care of you and yours. See you at the pool/beach!

We wish you a wonderful year ahead filled with much happiness, good health and lots of love.


Mama Fishie


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