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March 2021

Bringing our knowledge to NDPA (National Drowning Prevention Alliance)

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Spring 2021

It is an honor and pleasure to be chosen to be a speaker at this year’s NDPA (National Drowning Prevention Alliance). It is all virtual this year and my 45 minute speech has been submitted and will be presented next week during the conference.

Inclusion in learning to swim as well as all aquatic programs is an essential for any swim school to offer. The education portion of our non profit is to bring our knowledge and experience to the swimming community across the nation. 

Every child deserves to find a love for and freedom in the water no matter what your child’s abilities are. 

Go to to purchase tickets to the conference or
stand by for after the conference for a post with a link to our YouTube account to watch my presentation.


Education has always been a big part of the Special Fishie programming. Helping educate others in my profession as well as parents to help ALL children is essential in saving lives. 

A child with special needs has a higher chance of drowning than that of their “neuro typical” peers/. This risk remains the number one cause of accidental death for our unique children through adolescence. 

Teaching parents how to work with their own child in their bathtub, jacuzzi or pool helps consistency and makes the learn to swim process happen faster. For strengthening we teach parents and coaches how they can do it from anywhere with the right tools and knowledge. 

For parents, caregivers and instructors we offer a facebook support group where we can all go and help one another with ideas and questions.

You can find these support groups on our main FB page:


We always want to keep learning and giving!

This honor is a great way to jump and spread our wings into this next phase of Special Fishies!




Coach Jodi and the Mini Coaches Logan and Sawyer 


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