Adopt a Fishie Fund

Follow your adopted Fishie through their swim progress with email updates and pictures! ACTUALLY see where your money goes, how it is used and why we so badly need your generosity.

Please meet a few of our scholarship recipients…

Jesus D. 9 yo with severe autism, fear and nonverbal. Water safety, Social skills, and sensory play gives Jesus a smile that is contagious to all around him.






Elijah 18 yo who contacted encephalitis when he was an active 14 yo football player and student. He loves to protect the littles and faces his fears each time in the water. Elijah has benefited from our learn to swim, swim group, canine assisted swim and ALL-INCLUSIVE beach days. Elijah found us through his case manager and doctor at CHOC. Our goal is to get him moving, stronger and build confidence so he can once again compete in a sport, and he is stoked to do it for SPECIAL OLYMPICS.




Jeremiah and Cayson- Jeremiah, 12 yo, is an intelligent and talented swimmer who has ASD. He knows all 4 strokes and we hope to streamline him into the Nadadore Swim Team. His older brother, Cayson was in a car accident when he was 3 yo. He is smart, funny, and happens to be quadriplegic with physical and brain trauma.

These amazing boys came to us through a fellow non profit, Angels of Americas Fallen, who helps children who lost a parent overseas protecting our freedoms.


Kaden, 12 yo with ASD and comorbid disorders, is learning to swim strokes which is helping him with his motor delay and coordination.











We have 6 more fishies on our waiting list.

All needs: Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, anxiety and amputee
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