Our Education Series is Here!

Virtual Lessons, Videos, Printouts, FaceTime & Zoom Now available!

Phase One

Free Learn to Swim Worksheets and Video clips

Phase Two

Facebook support for instructors and parents

Phase Three

Full length video lessons

Facetime/Zoom lessons

Phase Four

End the drowning epidemic.

Every child deserves to find a love for and freedom in the water.

Start at home!

Our education series was due to be released this coming fall. With the pandemic facing our world right now, there was no reason to wait and a million to proceed.

Most children can learn to swim from a mom, dad, or caregiver in their own bathtub from ages 4mos-4yrs. With our education series on how to teach your child the basics in a tub, you can jump start on lessons, continue lessons, or just have safe fun with your Fishie.

For Fishies missing OT and PT, our education series will help you (the caregiver) learn to strengthen and free your Fishie safely with links to tools you can use and our guidance in both video and live interactions!