Our newest and most exciting adventure! Canine Assisted Swimming!

We have combined our program with Cori and Ricochet the Surfing dog.

The leading cause of death in ages 1-4 is drowning. The statistics go up dramatically for children with special needs, especially children on the autism spectrum. They are drawn to water and not necessarily understands the danger.

Building trust is the most challenging thing as a teacher to build with a child with special needs. When we add Cori to the mix the trust barrier breaks down in a fraction of the time! Once the trust is built we can take over and teach life saving skills!

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To register for canine assisted swim, please register here

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and on Cori’s site.

Our program is endorsed by Ferruccio Pilenga and his dog Mas ​​who Started the SICS ​​Water Rescue Dog Training School in Italy.​​

With our amazing canine friend Ricochet, we use Watsu techniques with veterans with PTSD and have Ricochet in the water to help provide a calm and safe feeling.

Lessons are available Saturdays from 12-5pm/30 min lessons. We are currently putting together a wait list.

This location also has the amazing Wizard of Pawz sensory playroom to play in before and after lesson with volunteers! Makes for a magical day. You can choose canine assisted swim or regular learn to swim/aquatic freedom.

Scholarships are available for ANYONE that needs it.
No one will be denied. Please visit:

While we do not charge for the work we do with Cori and Ricochet, we do have expenses so for those that can afford or want to donate we do offer memberships and our adopt a Fishie Program.

Suggested Donation: $25 per 30 min lesson

Registration: $15

To adopt a Fishie, donate any amount today. These funds are used as scholarships for children who’s families cannot afford full price swim lessons. We also give military discounts and work with Charter schools to help offset the cost of these life saving and enriching lessons.