Special Fishie Features

Special Fishies Swim School works to cultivate a love of water and an open learning environment for special needs children. The process of learning to swim and water exercise can be a great addition to therapy they may be receiving on land. Being in the pool is a fun, unconventional place to work on therapy goals. For some kids, it’s the first place they learn to stand without help.

Using buoyancy in the pool, the body is unweighted, which makes movements and activities seem easier to perform. Aquatic therapy can help children with Autism to improve their concentration and attention span. The therapy focuses on play­ based functional movement, facilitating neurodevelopment growth and improving range of motion, improves body awareness, while also helping the children to have fun. A one­ on one session can help children with autism when it comes to impulse control, ability to follow instructions and frustration tolerance. A pool has properties that allow the body to work differently than it can on land.

Additional benefits of being in the water include decrease in spasticity, natural resistance to movement, and increased motivation for kids. It is also a great place to work on balance skills and assist with functional gains on land and the pool provides a lot of sensory input.

Learning through play in a fun, safe, loving environment has become the stepping stone of learning at Special Fishies.